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You bored? Do you like dancing? You can have fun with our entertainment apps. These apps will make you laugh. They feature your photo and dance. These apps will help you become a dance king.

And if you want to create more realistically-looking videos with different faces we really recommend exploring our article about deepfake apps.

By adjusting the head in different silhouettes, you can also make a parody. Below is a list of apps that are compatible with iPhones and Android devices. Here are the apps:

Dance Yourself 3D

Dance Yourself 3D allows you to create funny videos using your face. You can create funny scenes and mount your face to another body.

You can create interesting and short clips using GIF animations. Video can be sent to friends via Instagram or WhatsApp.

You can choose from a variety of dances and create fun content. You can also add a Christmas greeting and a New Year’s greeting to all the above. You can dance with your family and friends. Create your own dances that are unique and make other people happy.

You can use videos to create free dances that you like to the music you choose.

You can create a memorable video by putting your 3D face model in the video. Surprise your family and yourself with a birthday surprise.

Share funny videos to celebrate love, gay pride and other important holidays. You can also find a section dedicated to romantic videos. It will recognize animations and animated topics. Enjoy the music and create stunning love videos.

You can make these videos for a wedding or edit them to be shown at a love party for your boyfriend or husband. Send 3D clips to your friends and family via TikTok or Facebook.

The app is very popular. You can create any atmosphere. Your video clips should be colorful and full of rich colors so that everyone will love what they see.

Dance Yourself 3D
Google Play
apple app store

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Funny Dance with Your Face

It is a very simple app that’s super easy to use. It is easy to use and suitable for all ages.

The algorithm itself is quite sophisticated. The app opens, you choose a picture from the phone’s gallery, then cut it down so that only the expression on your face is visible. You then apply the image to one of the templates. Funny Dance with Your Face is a great app with more than 10 different templates.

The app will create a funny video of your photo after you apply a face. Wasn’t this what you were looking for?

Its only downside is that it’s ad-filled. The interface also looks outdated.

Funny Dance with Your Face
Google Play

My Hero Birthday

This app is cool and unique, especially if your goal is to send a birthday greeting in an original way. You can either insert your own face into the dancing picture or paste that of someone who is celebrating a birthday. You can add voiceover to your video after you have created it.

This app features a wide range of characters that you love: Batman, Cinderella, and Spider-Man to name a few.

You can share your video via social media after you have created it. We noticed that My Hero Birthday crashes from time to time.

My Hero Birthday
Google Play

ElfYourself from Office Depot

Join a New Year’s tradition and transform yourself into an Elf. You can star in your own video with ElfYurself. Your photos will appear on the faces and costumes of dancing elves.

Upload up to five photos from your phone or Facebook of you, your family or friends. You can then choose the dance that you want to use and the app creates a video you can share via Facebook or email.

Google Play

Elf Dance: Fun for You!

Elf Dance will make your Christmas holiday more enjoyable. You can dance with your family and friends in a fun elf-like way. You will enjoy creating an unusual dance that will make your loved ones laugh.

You can have up to five elves on your team. You can choose a picture of each elf and have them dance together. You can choose songs in the app. Then, you can save the video to your computer and then share it with friends on social media or upload it to YouTube.

This tool allows you to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Elf Dance
Google Play

Face Dance

Face Dance transforms your old photos and brings them to life. You can take selfies or take photos in various styles. Take photos of whatever interests you. Take pictures of your pet as a dancing girlfriend or friend.

This app has a wide variety of music, so everyone will find something to their liking. You can change dull pictures into vibrant ones. You can sing your favorite songs and dances that are popular on TikTok.

You can also share the video via social media, such as TikTok and Instagram. Don’t miss the latest hits to stay on top. You can shoot a new dance each day with the program. Try out new animations when taking selfies.

Privacy is user-friendly, and it does not store photos or videos. The songs are chosen based on their incendiary content.

Face Dance
Google Play
apple app store

You can Anime Yourself

You can become an animated character by downloading the app Anime Yourself. You can create a 3D face model. You can choose from a variety of interesting backgrounds, outfits, and decorations.

Send your friends original dance moves and record fascinating videos. You may be familiar with the otaku culture and would like to imagine yourself as one of their characters.

The app allows you to quickly become the hero in your favorite stories and also create your own dance academy. You can choose clothes for the character you want to play. You can use your favorite images, choose the music you like and create videos.

Make videos and have fun. Share your content on social networks. The video will quickly rise to the top if it is good. This app is worth your time. It is a must-have for anime fans.

Anime Yourself
Google Play

Dance-ish Me

Dance-ish Me is another type of dancing application that uses your photo. This app only has one dancer, the world-famous Kenichi Ebina. Add your face and dance like a pro.

Add photos directly from the library of your smartphone or Facebook.

Share your dances via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email or YouTube.

Dance ish Me
apple app store

Dance Video Maker Animate Me

It’s a fun way to get your family and friends dancing. You can select costumes, a dance type, a song and a background. You can choose between different heroes and dancers. Add a picture of the person you’d like to dance with to your chosen body.

Once everything is ready, you can send the video to others directly via SMS or social networks.

Dance Video Maker Animate Me
apple app store

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Dance Video Maker – Animate Yourself in 3D

Animate Yourself 3D is a unique app available on iPhone devices. It is a brand-new app that’s very close to reality. It has features that are unique to it, which other apps for dancing with your face do not.

You can select characters, costumes and dance styles, as well as the color of your skin. You can also add text bubbles for the characters to talk. Enjoy adding silly words to your dancing buddies.

There are many characters to choose from, including Santa Claus, a Policeman, a Fireman, a Doctor, s Superhero, and a Teacher.

Dance Video Maker
apple app store

JibJab – Ecards & Greetings

JibJab Ecards & Greetings, is a fun and unique app that lets you add photos to animated and fun dance videos to create hilarious and personalized greetings for friends and family.

The app offers a large library of dance templates, greetings and other elements that allow users to create their own videos.

This app makes use of advanced facial recognition to provide seamless integration. The app allows users to create heartwarming and personalized messages for different occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and special events.

JibJab Ecards & Greetings has a variety of dance categories ranging from quirky and funny routines to sentimental and heartwarming ones.

JibJab’s easy-to-use features and creative interface bring joy and laughter into the world of greetings and messaging. Users can express themselves in a unique way and share special moments with their loved ones.

You can download this app to have fun.

Google Play
apple app store


Reface is a semi-professional video editing software that claims to change any face on any video into the one of your choice. It will only work with simple videos. You won’t get the deepfake here.

You can also use the app to add your face, or that of a friend. It’s important to note that the device you use should not be too old so that the app can work at its maximum capacity.

You can add your voiceover and create just animated pictures. Reface is constantly adding new templates and effects, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors.

Before you download and upload videos, make sure that your Internet connection is stable and strong.

Google Play
apple app store

Birthday Dance Video Maker

Birthday Dance Video will turn you into a dancer within minutes. You will be the star of every celebration. Create a 3D face model and choose your favorite dancing themes.

Also, you can choose your clothing and jewelry. Share your videos with friends.

You may have ever wanted to create a character that had a perfect appearance. This program will make your dream come true. You can choose your skin, hair, and accessory color. You can then shoot a video.

The app has many themes and backgrounds. You can create an atmosphere that is unique for different celebrations by selecting certain effects. There are many new outfits to discover in the app. Pirates, villains, and fairies are all available for your party. You can shoot a video with your friends or alone.

Use the video to send a greeting or as a clip for entertainment. It is popular among young people and those with a good sense of humor. This will make your holiday more fun and enjoyable.

Birthday Dance Video Maker
apple app store

Funny Face

Funny Face will help you to create funny videos. With the program’s many filters you can create vibrant videos.

Enjoy 3D video clips with original themes. There are many themes to choose from: Christmas, superheroes, elves and much more. You can create videos that are unique and have an entertaining character.

You can create funny videos and insert them in GIFs, or on social media. Create your own video by experimenting with facial expressions. Funny Face will make you and your friends smile during the holidays. Prepare skits or dance until your heart’s desire.

You can also create love videos with this program. Create these videos using your favorite pictures or scenes from movies or TV shows. Make a wonderful gift for your partner. Share your videos on social media.

You can even shoot your pet with this program. This app not only entertains, but it also replaces your current program to film your face.

Funny Face

Christmas Dance

Christmas Dance takes you to the world of New Year’s and Christmas. This program is full of Christmas dances with rousing music.

You can create videos with your favorite characters. Upload up to three images. To transfer your image, you will need to shoot yourself and then transfer that face into the bodies and faces of snowmaiden and elves.

Shooting video clips will allow you to enjoy yourself from the heart. Even your pet can join you for a fun photo shoot. You can choose your favorite songs from the albums.

Cool moves will help you create unique dances. Try different clothes and jewelry. Find locations that have Christmas trees, balloons, and other decorations.

You can share the funny videos on social media, or send them to your family and friends as a way to celebrate the New Year. Your image will become the star of New Year’s greetings.

Click Create to create a dance. You’ll bring a big smile to everyone and you will enjoy the magic of the holiday. If you enjoy moving and having fun, this app is for you.

Google Play
apple app store

World Dance 3D Face

World Dance 3D Face allows users to place their faces in the middle of the action. This app allows you to become the star in dance videos, and dance along with professional dancers.

Your face will seamlessly blend with the characters dancing, making you the focus of the mesmerizing sequences.

This app is a fun and creative way to send personalized messages and greetings to friends or to just have a good laugh. This app offers a variety of ways to celebrate special occasions and express yourself with dance and joy.

World Dance offers a variety of music and dance styles to suit all tastes. It is a great way to spice up your social media posts and messages.

World Dance will help you to dance into the spotlight and put on your best performance.

World Dance 3D Face
Google Play

Mimic – AI Photo Face Animation

You Face Dance is a free app that allows you to create dance videos. You will be a 3D dancer. You can edit your face, choose a theme and a beautiful backdrop, and then place it onto the body of your character. Celebrate your favorite holidays with humor and fun.

App has some cool costumes and decorations. Dance with your friends and create original moves. Take advantage of the program.

You can create different types of videos. Choose a good look for your characters and then send them to friends via Instagram or WhatsApp. You can also post your videos on social media.

Discover dance scenes and costumes of astronauts and pilots in the app. Create your own videos by using face images and templates.

The app has all the best dance music for everyone. The app is very popular. You can also develop your creative side in this app. This service can be a great addition to any celebration.

Mimic AI Photo
Google Play

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Conclusion of 17 Dancing Apps

Looking to inject fun and creativity into your life? Dive into the world of dancing apps! These apps offer a whirlwind of entertainment, from transforming your face into a dancing marvel to personalized greetings for every occasion. Whether it’s “Dance Yourself 3D” or “ElfYourself,” these apps add a dash of humor to special moments. From vibrant Christmas dances to becoming an animated character, they amplify joy. While some apps may have their quirks or outdated interfaces, their ability to turn faces into dancing sensations is unparalleled. So, if you’re ready to groove, laugh, and amaze, these dancing apps are your ticket to a world of endless fun.