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Decoy Apps

Looking to safeguard your personal data and maintain your privacy on your Android or iOS device? Whether it’s sensitive messages, personal photos, or confidential documents, you can keep them hidden from prying eyes with the help of decoy apps. Here, we’ve curated a selection of 13 top-notch decoy apps for both platforms:

Keepsafe Photo Vault – Hide Private Photos & Videos 

Trusted by over 50 million users worldwide, Keepsafe offers a secure sanctuary for your cherished photos and videos. You can fortify your privacy by setting up passwords, PINs, or even fingerprint protection on your photo folders. This app goes the extra mile by enabling seamless synchronization across your devices, ensuring that every device is locked and guarded. Furthermore, you can recover deleted photos and assign unique passwords to different albums.

Keepsafe Photo Vault
Google Play
apple app store

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For those discreet images and videos you’d rather keep away from prying eyes, GalleryVault is the ideal solution. It goes the extra mile by disguising its app icon, making it virtually invisible to anyone. Unlocking folders is a breeze with Touch ID on iOS devices, and you can opt for traditional methods like pattern locks or PINs for added security. Plus, you can change the app’s icon to something more inconspicuous, like a game or a calendar.

Google Play
apple app store

Hide Photos, Video, and App Lock – Hide it Pro 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in professional-grade concealment, Hide It Pro is your go-to app. It’s a versatile tool that hides not only photos and videos but also messages, calls, and apps. You can even grant shared access to specific content if needed, making it perfect for couples. What sets this app apart is its clever disguise – it appears as an innocuous “Audio Manager” in your list of apps, ensuring that no one suspects a thing. For added camouflage, you can customize folder icons with unique images, keeping your secrets even safer.

Hide it Pro
Google Play
apple app store

LOCKED Vault – The Calculator Camouflage

Appearances can indeed be deceiving, and LOCKED Vault is the master of disguise. Disguised as a standard calculator app, it conceals a fortress for your confidential data.

LOCKED Vault puts the control over your privacy in your hands, keeping your sensitive information hidden and impervious to prying eyes. It’s your ultimate sanctuary in an interconnected world.

Google Play

Private Photo Vault – Fort Knox for Your Memories

Worried about strangers peeking at your personal photos and videos? Look no further than Private Photo Vault. This app encrypts and secures your cherished memories behind a password, granting access to you alone.

Simply create an account, upload your photos to a dedicated album, and with a single touch, watch them vanish from your device’s gallery. Accessing the app itself? Only with your password. And if anyone tries to sneak in, it cleverly reveals a fake photo stash, throwing them off the trail.

Private Photo Vault
Google Play
apple app store

Vault – Your Data’s Fortified Sanctuary

Vault is your shield for sensitive information. It’s not just for photos; it safeguards call logs, contacts, and more. Lock apps, encrypt browser activity, and protect bookmarks with ease.

Vault offers encrypted cloud backups and data security. Forget your password? Retrieve access via email. Plus, you can hide the app icon entirely, unveiling it only upon entering the correct password. Your secret is safe with Vault.

Google Play

Managing photos and videos discreetly? Gallery Lock is your solution. This trusted decoy app empowers you to secure your smartphone’s files without a trace.

Gallery Lock supports various modes for viewing and hiding images. You can simply hide content or password-protect specific folders. Enjoy an intuitive interface, resembling a classic gallery, to organize your data, leaving no hint of what lies within.

Gallery Lock
Google Play

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For those seeking a simple yet effective solution to protect personal photos, Gallery Lock is a stellar choice. It won’t hog your smartphone’s storage space and adds a layer of security with photo and video encryption.

Gallery Lock Shield Your Personal Photos
Google Play

Gallery Lock’s primary function is to lock your gallery. Whether you want to safeguard specific albums or your entire gallery, this app has you covered. It even snaps a selfie of any intruder attempting to access your content. Plus, it efficiently manages memory by removing duplicate photos.

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos – Your Digital Fort

More than a vault, Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos is a digital fortress for your cherished memories. It caters to those who prioritize privacy and offers free essential privacy features, with premium options for advanced security.

Here, your personal photos and videos find a secure refuge away from prying eyes. This app transforms into your sanctuary for preserving special moments, ensuring your memories remain locked away from the digital world.

Secret Photo Vault Lock
apple app store

Photo Locker by Handy Apps – A Virtual Vault

Picture having a real vault on your smartphone, where you can protect personal photos and screenshots, even if your device falls into the wrong hands. Photo Locker provides robust security, including AES encryption.

It’s user-friendly, allowing you to easily move photos into hidden folders, track access, and even recover your PIN if forgotten. The app remains incognito on your device, as if it doesn’t exist, offering peace of mind.

Photo Locker by Handy Apps
Google Play

Neo Vault – Your Privacy Guardian

Neo Vault emerges as your ultimate privacy solution. It’s designed for those who value privacy and offers free features, with premium options for enhanced security.

This app puts you in control of your digital privacy, serving as a vault where your secrets remain safe. It offers the comfort of knowing your confidential information is well-guarded.

Neo Vault
Google Play

Gallery Vault ensures your private gallery stays protected. It hides photos and videos in a separate gallery on your device, keeping them out of sight from previews or regular gallery views. You can also securely back them up to the cloud.

This app allows you to share hidden pictures across multiple devices and even implements a fake error to thwart unauthorized access. It records unsuccessful attempts, helping you keep tabs on who touched your smartphone and when.

Gallery Vault Your Hidden Gallery
Google Play

Clock Vault – Secure Your Secrets

Clock Vault offers more than just data locking; it creates a secure space where your confidential content stays confidential. It’s perfect for those who cherish their privacy and need a discreet solution.

While the core features are free, premium options are available to enhance your privacy. Clock Vault goes beyond disguising as a clock app; it’s your secret keeper.

In a world where even your close ones might know your phone’s password, Decoy Apps offer a shield for your personal data. With these apps, you can hide your files where no one would suspect. Your privacy remains intact, and your secrets are safe.

We hope this article sheds light on the importance of Decoy Apps in protecting your personal data. Your peace of mind is worth it.

Clock Vault
Google Play

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