3 Methods for Obtaining Older Versions of Apps


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Older Versions

Occasionally, you may find yourself faced with a completely unfamiliar interface when using your favorite application or service on your smartphone.

The new layout might confuse you or make it difficult to navigate. If you have discovered a version of the app that suits your needs and preferences, it’s advisable not to update it each time a new version is released, as it may only serve to confuse you further.

In such situations, you might wonder how you can revert to the previous interface or version. Unfortunately, Android developers do not currently provide a feature that allows users to select a specific version of an application from the Google Play Store. However, there are alternative methods available. Here are three ways to obtain older versions of apps:

Utilize a specialized service to install an old app version.

Numerous internet services offer downloads of various application versions. Since modern smartphones permit the installation of files from sources other than the Google Play Store or App Store, you can take advantage of this flexibility.

Firstly, it is crucial to choose a reputable service with a wide selection of applications, considering the popularity and user feedback.

Secondly, you must enable the installation of applications from third-party sources in your smartphone settings. The subsequent steps are straightforward. If you currently have a newer version of the application installed, you need to uninstall it completely. 

Then, download the desired version of the application in the .apk file format. Finally, initiate the installation process, and the desired version will be available on your smartphone.

specialized Service

Disable application updates through the Google Play Store.

If you have found the most convenient version of an application and wish to prevent further updates, a simple yet effective method is to disable automatic updates. By doing this, your smartphone will only retain the version of the app that you prefer.

To achieve this, open the Google Play Store app and access the side menu. Within the menu, navigate to the Settings section, where you can specify the frequency of automatic app updates. 

By selecting “Never,” Google Play will refrain from downloading default updates automatically. Consequently, you will have control over which services on your smartphone remain in the desired older version mode. It allows you to manually initiate updates according to your preferences.

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Remove updates via the dedicated tab in the application’s system information.

This method is suitable for those using an older Android system. However, please note that the latest common system updates for smartphones do not support this method. Therefore, refrain from attempting it if your Android version is 7 or above. 

What is the concept behind this approach? It’s important to understand that this method can only remove the most recent application update. If that is your objective, navigate to your smartphone’s settings and access the “Applications” section. 

Here, you will find a comprehensive list of all installed applications, including system apps. Locate the desired app in the list and select it. 

Then, proceed to the “Uninstall updates” tab and confirm your decision. Shortly thereafter, you will revert to the previous version of the application that you used before the update.

Smartphone operating system developers continuously introduce new and improved applications to their users, often with varying functionalities. 

Occasionally, these updates might disappoint you, prompting a desire to revert to a previous version of the service. That is why we have compiled these methods for you. 

By employing them, you can effortlessly obtain the version of an app that suits your needs best. 

We sincerely hope that this article has been helpful, allowing you to enjoy modern applications in the most convenient version for you.

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