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Ethnicity Analyzer

Modern people are not always able to represent a particular nationality in the best possible way. Nationalities have been mixed over the years due to evolution and historical events.

It became fashionable to perform genetic tests, build pedigree trees, and find out what you are really like. A real genetic test can be expensive and is not always necessary. You may just want to know.

You can do a simple photo analysis to find out what interests you! Some people have bright features that are unique to their nation – such as facial features, skin color, or an area of the eye. These apps will allow you to experiment with eye colors to see what they would look like.

You can also use our apps to find out how similar you are to other people. These free ethnicity analyzer applications for Android and iOS will help you to better understand your origins.

Gradient AI Photo Editor

Gradient, an application that has gained sudden and massive popularity among users. The application’s interesting features are to thank. The application started out as a simple photo editing tool with a lot of functions. Over time, developers have added more and more interesting features.

Gradient allows you to make any photo perfect, even if you think the original picture is terrible. It uses artificial intelligence to provide professional editing.

You can also find out your nationality in Gradient. This feature shows the ethnicity your ancestors. The gradient also allows you to paint your portrait medieval-style, as it would have appeared a few centuries back.

A celebrity’s likeness is a bonus, but many users point out that gender does not factor in when determining such similarities. A pretty girl might find out she looks just like a famous football player and a guy may discover that his features look similar to those of an actress from Hollywood.

Gradient AI Photo Editor
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Genomapp allows users to explore DNA data in a secure and reliable way. The app can support raw data files that are in VCF format.

After you launch the app, you will be asked to grant a few permissions. The app then verifies the raw data with reliable scientific sources. The process is simple and only takes a few moments.

The last section you can access is the list of sections below:

  • Complex diseases
  • Inherited Conditions
  • Pharmacological Reaction
  • Traits
  • Observable Sighs
  • Blood Groups

The content is written in full detail without any abbreviations or complicated terms.

The developer will ensure your safety 100%. The reports are only accessible to you and will not be shared with other servers.

Genomapp’s Demo Version allows users to test the app in its entirety. The app has a number of additional features, including tutorials, PDF export, summary section, etc.

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It can be used to confirm paternity and/or maternity. This app works in the same way as automatic phone unlocking. It will compare unique facial features to those of another person.

You can use several algorithms to check the relationship of alleged parents, their children and ancestors.

The app compares more than 60 points of the face, including: eye shape, nose, cheekbones and chin, as well as brow shape, skin relief and gaze. The accuracy of the study has now exceeded the 90% threshold.

Use photos that have a straight-on angle and where the gaze is directly at the camera. You can upload an old photo of yourself, but you should explore the images that are currently available.

The app is easy to use. Upload two photos, pay for your application, and then wait to see the results on the day of the application. The result will be displayed in the app, or via email. Genetic research will never be replaced by photo analysis. The industry is constantly improving. Download the material and get an immediate answer!

Face DNA test
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DNAlyzer – DNA Ancestry Gradient AI Test

The developers call their DNA analyzer application DNAlyzer the best of all DNA analyzers. The results can be obtained without having to go to a clinic or take any tests. Everything is done on your smartphone.

This application analyzes your photo using artificial intelligence based on gradients to predict your race and ethnicity. Your photo will undergo a deep analysis that compares it to other photos, pictures of people, beauty filters and other tools.

You will discover your ethnicity as a result. Your appearance will be taken into consideration, including your chin shape and eye size, as well as hair color and skin tone.

You should be aware that DNAlyzer cannot guarantee the exact results if you have made too many changes in your appearance. For example, if you have had plastic surgery, or dyed your hair a different color.

Artificial intelligence can help you discover your roots and the genealogy of your family if your appearance remains the same.

Google Play


This app unlocks the secrets to family history, ancestry and kinship. In a few minutes, you can create a family tree and add photos to it. The system will guide you on how to correctly complete the task.

You will have access to many layouts and historical material about your ancestors. You can add DNA results to your chart for a more complete analysis. You can predict your child’s personality and physiological characteristics. Artificial intelligence can help.

If you want, you can make the tree visible to other users. You can also get complete information on ethnicity. Create and complete a free genealogical tree, and access historical references.

The app has videos and prompts that will help you learn more about your family history. Keep the memories of your past in your phone.

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23andMe DNA Testing

23andMe offers a comprehensive application which allows users to get detailed information about their DNA.

What are the main features of this tool?

Ancestry Composition: Monitor where your ancestors were living more than 500 years ago.

DNA Relative Finder – Communicate with other customers that share your DNA.

Trait Reports – Discover how your DNA affects facial features, taste and smell, as well as other 30 reports.

Build your family tree automatically based on your DNA relationship;

Health + Ancestry Service: Check more than 60 reports, such as Muscle Composition and Genetic Weight.

You will be able to access the homepage with several sections at the bottom of your screen as soon as you launch the app.

The application ensures a robust procedure developed by experienced scientists and medical experts. The app will not disclose your personal information to third parties.

We must warn you, however, that this app may not be available in all countries.

23andMe DNA Testing
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This app creates a tree of ancestors. You can research the history of your ancestors, and save it in your phone’s memory.

Create a chart, and include your parents, grandparents and siblings. Do not worry. Confidential information will never be disclosed to third parties.

Make your family history and tell it to your children later. Work together to synchronize results and work with family members. It’s possible that relatives you do not know are already using the app.

You’ll receive an alert if your family trees intertwine. The algorithm will find matches also in historical documents.

Who knows where all this confusion will lead? You can study civil status records, newspaper articles, war records and more. Don’t forget the present. Include new photos of your family and important events.

Every day, add to the family tree. Surprise your relatives by bringing emotions to photos taken even in the past century. The animation ensures a full immersion into history.

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Tests can reveal your risk of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and more. Your genetic characteristics will determine what type of diet you should eat, how much motor activity to do, your work mode, and the rest mode that is best for you.

App will also automatically select optimal vitamins and nutritional supplements.

You will be able to access more than 100 health reports and recommendations. Artificial intelligence is the generator.

Join the hundred thousand people who have already begun to live in harmony. The genetic code contains the key.

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Want to track your family’s history? Findmypast can help you accomplish this task. After you’ve opened the app you can create a tree of your family. Insert your data, and the app will discover information about distant relatives.

You can add photos or other important records to your family tree.

The app’s interface is very simple. The bottom of the screen has several sections. You can read a blog or view data about your family on the homepage.

Users can view extensive information about their families in the Family section. Facts, Relations, etc.

You will also receive notifications containing data such as census records, birth certificates, marriage or deaths certificates, etc. You can either add the correct data or all the valuable ones to your family tree.

We must mention that Findmypast offers a 14-day free trial, and is not available in certain regions.

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FaceApp – AI Face Editor

FaceApp has been a hit on the internet for a while now. You can create colorful and good selfies with its help. It will also show you how you have changed over the years. The advanced technology of photo editing can help you create masterpieces from your photos.

FaceApp, however, isn’t known for this. FaceApp gives users the chance to alter their appearance, age and sex.

The application’s catalog contains many filters that can be used to enhance or refine your look – such as hair color, skin tone, mustache and beard. You can completely transform the image of the person by clicking on the screen.

FaceApp has paid features as well, which will transform the service into an actual Photoshop for smartphones. The most entertaining feature is free. Artificial Intelligence is able to give you a unique and new style as well as transform you into a man with a different race or sex.

AI Face Editor
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My Ancestry & Heritage

Install My Ancestry Profile & Heritage if you want more accurate information about your ancestors.

This app turns your iPhone into a virtual time machine, allowing you to learn important details about your family history.

Take a good selfie and answer some simple questions to get started. The app uses artificial-intelligence capabilities to recognize your face.

You will then be given some possible geographical locations from which your ancestors could have come. A search that is advanced will help you to get the most accurate results and make your search more productive.

My Ancestry Profile & Heritage is free to use. You will have to purchase access to the expanded collection once.

You will learn only a fraction of your ancestry if you don’t buy. Do not miss this opportunity to add valuable data to your drawing of a family tree.

You may be surprised by the results. Perhaps you share a lot of similarities with people in Italy or Asia, but you didn’t even know it.

You may have noticed among social network users that they are often studying their national identity, with the aid of Instagram masks or special services.

Install the app and you can start learning. The results of the service may vary depending on lighting, makeup, and perspective. You can still have fun.

My Ancestry Heritage
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Ethnicity Analyzer: Navigating Roots Through Technology

In the era of blended nationalities, the surge in popularity of Ethnicity Analyzer apps underscores the contemporary quest to unravel diverse ancestral backgrounds. From photo-based tools like Gradient and DNA analyzers such as Genomapp and DNAlyzer to comprehensive platforms like 23andMe and MyHeritage, these applications offer a multifaceted exploration of one’s heritage. While technology adds an entertaining dimension to the search for identity, it’s crucial to approach these tools with an awareness of their limitations. As individuals delve into their roots through virtual time machines and AI face editors like FaceApp, the Ethnicity Analyzer trend reflects a compelling intersection of science, entertainment, and cultural exploration.