11 Free Silly Face Apps for Android & iOS: Bring on the Laughter!


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Free silly face apps

Are you someone who loves to bring out the lighter side of life? If you’re all about sharing a laugh, you’re in for a treat! We’ve rounded up the most entertaining free silly face apps for both Android and iOS that will transform your ordinary moments into hilarious memories.

These apps give you the power to play around with your facial features, allowing you to stretch, squeeze, and contort your face in the funniest ways possible. And that’s not all – some of these apps even let you apply these comical modifications to videos and add a side of laughter with voice-changing options.

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Banuba – Live Face Filters & Funny Video Effects

Banuba logo

Banuba isn’t just an app; it’s a portal to a world of endless laughter. With a vast collection of live face masks, Banuba lets you dive into various themes. From classic beauty masks to celebrity look-alikes, and even cute animal masks, it has it all. But where the real fun begins is with the masks that turn your face into a hilarious masterpiece. And the best part? New masks are frequently added, ensuring you’re never short of funny faces to create.

Beyond photos, you can also capture short videos with these uproarious masks. Some even come with voice-changing features, making you sound like a chipmunk or a cartoon character. You can easily save your favorite masks for quick access, and the masks themselves are beautifully designed, guaranteeing a seamless and hilarious transformation.

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Facelab – Face Editor & Beauty

Facelab logo

Facelab isn’t just about creating humorous faces; it’s a versatile tool for all your selfie needs. While it offers options to subtly enhance your features, the real magic happens when you take those enhancements to the extreme. Reshape your nose, eyes, lips – heck, reshape your entire face for a laugh-out-loud result! And it doesn’t stop there; you can add extra flair to your pictures with stickers and even experiment with the 3D pick filter.

But that’s not all; Facelab also boasts a collection of face masks that range from showing you as a senior citizen to transforming you into an adorable baby. These masks are a delightful addition to your humor arsenal, and they blend seamlessly with the app’s polished interface.

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Funny Face Effects: Let the Laughter Begin!

Funny Face Effects logo

As the name suggests, Funny Face Effects is your go-to app for creating hilariously distorted selfies. With over 10 million downloads, it’s a frontrunner in the funny face modification genre. The app offers an array of effects like face warps and stretchable arms that will leave you in stitches.

What sets this app apart is its ability to transform your photos into animated GIFs. It takes the warps you create and turns them into lively animations, perfect for sharing on platforms like Instagram. You can apply these effects to photos from your camera roll or take new ones with the app’s built-in camera. And if you ever want to fine-tune your funny creations, the eraser brush comes to the rescue.

Funny Face Effects
Google Play

Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor: Laugh Your Heart Out!

Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor logo

Crazy Helium is a treasure trove of features that will have you rolling with laughter. Beyond capturing photos, you can create uproarious short videos that are sure to crack you up. The app offers a wide range of masks that can warp your face or turn you into a movie character. And for those looking for a giggle-inducing twist, there are voice-changing options that can make you sound like you’ve inhaled helium or imitate famous characters.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Crazy Helium lets you layer masks on top of each other, creating unique and outlandish effects. Plus, you can even pick a song from the app’s collection and lip-sync along, adding an extra touch of humor to your videos.

Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor
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Face Changer: A Barrel of Laughs!

Face Changer logo

Face Changer is your ticket to a world of self-deprecating humor. With a plethora of masks and stickers, this app is your ultimate tool for turning yourself into a laughing stock – in the best way possible! The app gained fame with its face-swapping feature, allowing you to hilariously switch faces with friends, animals, or even fictional characters.

What’s more, you can unleash your creativity by morphing your face into all sorts of comical shapes. From making your eyes gigantic to giving yourself a monster makeover, the possibilities are endless. The app boasts over 600 individual face parts stickers, letting you experiment with werewolf eyes, leprechaun ears, and more. And don’t forget the quirky accessories like glasses and beards!

Face Changer
Google Play

YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters: Time for Fun Selfies!

YouCam Fun logo

YouCam Fun is your go-to app for adding a dash of hilarity to your photos. With a vast collection of masks and stickers, this app takes your selfies to the next level. Masks are available in various themes, from animal faces to funny warps, horror themes, and beyond. You can not only capture pictures but also record short videos with these playful masks on.

Some masks even come with sound effects, lending an extra layer of amusement to your creations. Additionally, the app offers a plethora of stickers, including motioned ones. Whether you want to sport magical creature features, accessories, quotes, or quirky drawings, YouCam Fun has it all. The app keeps things fresh by adding new thematic stickers for every holiday.

YouCam Fun
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JokeFaces: Unleash Your Inner Comedian

JokeFaces logo

Get ready to dive into the world of JokeFaces, an app that knows how to deliver a good laugh. Ever wondered what it would be like to swap faces in a video? With JokeFaces, wonder no more! This app lets you replace faces in videos with your own, resulting in hilarity that’s hard to resist. The best part? The original audio remains intact, creating a surreal yet uproarious experience. From music clips to iconic movie scenes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to be the star of the show or simply want to watch your cat deliver a monologue, JokeFaces has you covered.

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Funny Face Changer Warp Camera: Unleash Creativity

Funny Face Changer Warp Camera logo

If you’re looking to turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art, the Funny Face Changer Warp Camera is here to help. With an array of filters and special effects, this app lets you explore a realm of creative possibilities. From becoming a superhero to transforming into a zombie, the options are as diverse as they are entertaining. Ever wondered how you’d look with a tiger’s face or a monkey’s grin? With this app, you can find out in an instant. Experiment with different styles, shapes, and even mirror effects. This app is your canvas for creative exploration.

Funny Face Changer Warp Camera
Google Play

Face Warp: The Fun of Transformation

Face Warp logo

Change your face, change your world with the Face Warp app. This app lets you dive into a world of face transformations that range from quirky to downright hilarious. Turn yourself into a cartoon character, add unusual elements, or reshape your features to create caricatures that are sure to bring smiles. The app’s arsenal of special effects caters to all tastes, from enlarging eyes to stretching smiles. Whether you’re aiming for a chuckle or a belly laugh, Face Warp is your go-to companion.

Face Warp
Google Play

Live Funny Face Camera: Animation Galore

Live Funny Face Camera logo

Inject life into your photos with the Live Funny Face Camera app. This app takes your selfies to the next level by adding animated stickers that are guaranteed to spark joy. Want to sport dog ears, a cat’s face, or even a fancy turban? This app has them all. Plus, with a plethora of stylized photo frames and filters, your creativity knows no bounds. Watch as your photos come alive with movement, making your selfies stand out from the crowd.

Google Play

Funny Camera — Photo Editor: The Joy of Editing

Funny Camera Photo Editor

If you’re in need of a dose of laughter, the Funny Camera app is at your service. With a mobile photo editor that works wonders in seconds, you can turn ordinary selfies into quirky masterpieces. The app boasts an impressive collection of filters, each one turning you into an extraordinary character with a single tap. Want to sport huge lips or anime-style eyes? You got it. And with the ability to preview filters in real-time, you can perfect your playful look before even clicking a photo.

Funny Camera %E2%80%94 Photo Editor
Google Play

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Let the Laughter Begin!

With these apps, laughter is just a tap away. Whether you’re looking to replace faces, create imaginative caricatures, or simply experiment with fun effects, these apps have got you covered. So go ahead, embrace your inner comedian and transform your photos and videos into a delightful showcase of creativity and humor.

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