11 Best Future Baby Generator Apps for Android and iOS


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Future Baby

For those who are childless, it’s always fascinating to see what their future children will look like. Even if someone already has children, they may wonder about the appearance of their future baby. We live in an XXL century, where everything is possible.

You can choose from a variety of apps to see the face of your future child with your loved one or anyone else. You can also select photos of your friends to have fun. You will be pleasantly surprised at the similarity of the parents’ photos and the generated babies.

You will no longer be involved in intrigue if you use these apps. You can try these apps by reading this article. We have listed the 11 best future baby generator apps that you can download on Google Play or App Store.

BabyMaker predicts baby’s face

BabyMaker predicts babys face logo

xyCore developed a very popular app. There is a good reason why xyCore’s app is so popular – because it offers more customization options and overall, it is more engaging.

You upload two pictures of yourself and your partner. But before merging, you can change many aspects.

You can note the preferred gender, skin tone, and age. You know, it’s hard to distinguish the facial features of a baby.

A multicultural appearance is another interesting option.

You can choose your eye and hair colors. What’s more, you can select the proportion of features that you would like to see from each parent in your child. You can also choose to have the merging done automatically so that you will not be able to predict the outcome.

This baby-generating application gives you greater control over the baby’s appearance than any of the other apps.

BabyMaker predicts babys face
Google Play

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Baby Generator

Baby Generator logo

BabyMaker is one of the top apps for generating future babies. The interface is simple: you and your partner upload high-quality photos, click the heart-shaped button and choose the age for your future child. Finally, admire the results!

This app allows you to create a photo using colorful backgrounds, layouts and frames. You can then share this created image with friends and family.

You can also pay for the app to get more options. This app also comes in a paid version.

P.S. If you or your partner have glasses, a mustache or a beard, the result will not be as precise.

Baby Generator
Google Play


BabyMaker logo

Another cool app for iOS users is the future baby generator. BabyMaker is a great way to gently hint your partner that you want a child.

The app will ask you to take two photos and upload them. The app uses Luxand biometric technologies to identify your future baby with the greatest accuracy. Create a collage of baby photos with your parents and send it to her.

We can guarantee that the person will be pleased with the result. The innovative technology uses the facial features of the original images to create mathematical representations.

apple app store

BabyGenerator: Predict the future face of your baby

BabyGenerator Predict the future face of your baby logo

This simple yet popular app predicts the future child of you and your partner. Its principle of operation is very simple.

Upload 2 images (man and woman, woman with woman, or man with man) then click the button to generate results.

The app analyzes your facial features in live mode and shows you a picture of a child. These results are not to be taken too seriously. Have fun and don’t expect anything extraordinary.

BabyGenerator Predict the future face of your baby
Google Play

Future Face Maker: Make a Baby

Future Face Maker Make a Baby

This app is considered one of the most accurate future baby generators. Want to know what your future baby would look like if you had a child with someone you love?

Download Make A Baby Future Face Maker. Take pictures of both you and your partner, blend the faces if necessary, and then view the results. The baby will surely have your best features.

This app’s amazing animations will make these moments even more moving. Share your results with anyone you like. You can edit the baby picture before you send it if you want. How do you do it? Here’s how to do it.

Future Face Maker Make a Baby 1
apple app store

A Baby Maker App

A Baby Maker App logo

This cute app will show you what your baby would look like, if your partner and you were to have a baby together. You shouldn’t be too serious about these apps, as no one, not even doctors, can accurately predict what your baby will look like.

It’s always fun to have some fun, right?! As with all apps of this kind, you follow a simple algorithm. You upload photos of you and your partner, and then click on the “continue button.” App will then create a photo of your child.

Reviews of this app from users are mixed. Some people found it to be a good app, while others did not. You should probably always upload photos with decent quality to ensure that the app can form the baby’s face as accurately as possible.

A Baby Maker App
Google Play

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BabyPredictor: Generate your future child’s face

BabyPredictor Generate your future childs face logo

This is one of the classic apps for baby predictions. This app is more popular and reliable than others. This means that it does not contain any malware or viruses and can be installed safely on your gadget.

It’s also a pretty sophisticated algorithm. Upload a photo of the parents and click on mix. The app will combine the facial features to show the face for the child of 3-4 years old. There are also two boys and two girls to choose from.

This app is a great app for its simplicity and reliability.

BabyPredictor Generate your future childs face
Google Play

What Would Our Child Look Like?

Our Child Look Like logo

This app is for curious people. You will need to perform the same actions as before: select two photos of yourself and your partner (you can choose from your gallery or use your camera), zoom into or out of the selected photo and click on the “Start Prediction” button.

The generated photo will make you happy. The results can be saved to a gallery or shared with friends. What Would Our Child look like? You won’t be burning with curiosity any longer.

Our Child Look Like
apple app store

BabyGen – Predict and generate your future baby’s face

BabyGen logo

Another typical Android app that will generate the face of your baby. In general, the apps in this category all look similar. You can pick one based on how you are feeling or your preferences.

The app will then create a baby’s face from the photo of you and your partner. You can select the age and gender of the baby.

BabyGen is a fun app that you can use to have a laugh together.

Google Play

Future Baby Generator: Your Baby Predictor

Future Baby Generator Your Baby Predictor logo

This is a crucial question for young couples. “How will our child look?” The Future Baby Generator creates the look of your desired child by using a complex algorithm that connects the facial features of two people.

Follow the instructions to select two photos: you and your partner. In just a few moments, you can see the face of your future child! This app is popular today amongst users around the globe. Now it’s your turn!

Future Baby Generator Your Baby Predictor
apple app store

Baby Face Maker – Baby Face Maker

Baby Face Maker logo

Are you just looking to have some fun with friends, or are you curious to see what your baby will look like when you and your partner get married? This app may reveal the truth. Babyface generators have become very popular in recent years.

Mixing faces of celebrities is a popular way for fans to imagine what their future baby will look like. This app claims that it uses advanced face recognition technology to determine the appearance of your child. The reviews of users show that this technology doesn’t always work.

Baby Face Maker
Google Play

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