How to Monitor an iPhone Without Jailbreak: 2023 Guide


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iPhone Without Jailbreak

At times, we may find ourselves feeling suspicious or distrustful of someone in our circle, be it a friend or family member. With the advancements in technology and certain mobile apps, it is now possible to conduct surveillance on an individual without violating any laws.

Please note that the following methods should be used responsibly and with proper consideration for privacy and ethical concerns.

Utilize Built-in Locator App

Both Android and iOS devices come equipped with a built-in “locator” app as part of their standard software. By knowing the email address, Google account, or Apple ID of the person you wish to track, you can monitor their real-time location discreetly. It is important to note that the person being tracked will not receive any notification regarding their location being monitored. 

The locator app displays the location on a map, providing satellite imagery and the textual format of the address. However, it only provides the precise address of the building, not the specific apartment or floor.

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Track with Zenly App

Zenly is a widely recognized app available on various mobile devices, allowing you to track the location and movement of a person in real-time. However, in order to see someone’s location on the map, they must also be a Zenly user and your friend within the app. 

Consequently, the person will be aware that their geolocation is visible to you at any time. This app offers the added feature of displaying the duration a person spends in a particular place.

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Employ GPS Tracker

Using a GPS tracker is a popular method for surveillance. This small device can be discreetly attached or placed in a person’s bag or jacket pocket to transmit location information. The tracker is typically associated with a specific app, depending on the manufacturer (instructions are provided with the tracker). 

Through this app, you can monitor the person’s location online, view it on a map with satellite imagery, and even obtain the precise address.

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Explore Getcontact App

While not directly related to location tracking, the Getcontact app can provide valuable information when you enter a person’s phone number into the search bar. The app reveals how the individual is saved in other people’s phonebooks, often with additional details such as workplace or nicknames. 

If the person is also a user of this app, you will have access to a more extensive list of their saved names in other people’s phonebooks. The app also offers the option to subscribe for information on call frequency, both incoming and outgoing, as well as the person’s trust rating.

It is important to emphasize that the methods mentioned above do not involve any illegal activities, and all the information can be found publicly available on the internet. 

However, it is crucial to recognize that monitoring another person’s activities intrudes upon their privacy and personal life. Therefore, it is essential to approach such actions with caution and respect for ethical considerations.

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