Top 11 YouTube Videos to MP3 Converter Apps for Android and iOS in 2023


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YouTube Videos to MP3

YouTube hosts a vast collection of videos ranging from tutorials to funny clips and music videos. However, streaming videos consumes a significant amount of data and drains your device’s battery. 

To overcome these limitations, converting YouTube videos to MP3 format allows you to listen to your favorite content anytime, anywhere while reducing data usage. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube to MP3 converter apps that also support other formats like MP4 and MOV. 

Moreover, these apps enable background playback, even when your phone is locked. If you want to download YouTube videos for free but are unsure how to proceed, read on to discover the apps that will cater to your needs.

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Video to Mp3 Convert

If you enjoy watching cooking shows on YouTube, Video to Mp3 Convert allows you to convert your favourite episodes into MP3 files, making it easier to recall recipes. This app efficiently converts YouTube videos into various audio formats. 

You can effortlessly share these audio files with friends who can listen to them using any preferred player app. 

The converted MP3 files are conveniently saved in a designated folder, allowing you to free up space on your smartphone by deleting the original videos. The app provides a well-organized interface with sorted audio files and a quick search feature. 

Additionally, you can listen to your favorite bloggers in the background while performing other tasks. The conversion process is quick and does not significantly drain your device’s battery. You can customize the audio files by selecting names and adjusting the equalizer settings.

The app also features a built-in music player, allowing you to create playlists and enjoy your MP3 files seamlessly. 

However, one limitation of this app is that it does not support Bluetooth headphone connectivity. Nevertheless, Video to Mp3 Convert functions offline, eliminating the need for a constant internet connection.

Video to Mp3
apple app store

Video to MP3 Converter – MP3 Cutter and Merger

The next app on our list not only converts videos to MP3 format but also serves as a versatile video and audio editor. 

With this app, you can easily trim audio files to create personalized ringtones for your contacts. The conversion process is swift, enabling you to convert multiple videos simultaneously without wasting time. 

Furthermore, you can trim specific segments of a video before converting them to audio, and adjust the volume and enhance the audio quality. 

The app supports various formats and offers options to personalize your audio files by adding genre, year, artist, and album information. 

You can also apply captivating effects to your audio to make it more engaging. By utilizing the app’s high-quality conversion feature, you can avoid unpleasant sounds and noises in your audio files.

Additionally, this app can be a valuable tool for Instagram bloggers, as it allows you to add audio to your stories seamlessly. It offers smooth performance without any lags or errors. 

Whether you are online or offline, this app functions effectively. Explore its features and create delightful ringtones, alarm tones, and notification sounds effortlessly.

MP3 Cutter and Merger
Google Play

Media Converter – Video to MP3

Let’s examine this application. Firstly, you need to select and upload the desired video file, create a designated folder, and provide a name for it. Once you’ve chosen the video for conversion, the app will open the settings menu. 

From there, you can select the desired converted format and sound quality, while also having the option to increase the volume. 

This app supports more than 20 formats, allowing you to compress video and audio files to save space on your smartphone. Additionally, it serves as both an audio and video player, supporting a wide range of formats. The conversion algorithms perform well and maintain audio quality without introducing distortions.

The user interface is simple and straightforward, with a few ads that are not overly intrusive. While the app is free, there is an option to purchase the Pro version for $1.99, which offers additional tools. Given the app’s numerous positive reviews, it’s worth trying out Media Converter to experience its efficiency.

Media Converter
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Tube to MP3 Converter – Free Tube to MP3 Converter

This app utilizes modern technologies to swiftly convert videos to MP3 format in a matter of seconds. Simply upload any YouTube video and let the app do its job. Customization options for the conversion process are available, including the ability to choose the desired length. 

The app offers multiple formats for conversion, streamlining the process further by allowing the use of video links. Even if you lose an MP3 file, you can easily retrieve it from the app’s library, which conveniently displays all conversion processes.

One drawback of this app is its lack of support for YouTube links. However, this can be easily overcome by downloading the videos from YouTube and adding them to the app. 

Tube to MP3 Converter works offline, enabling you to enjoy your favorite videos in MP3 format without consuming extra data. Create personalized audio playlists for any occasion and listen to your favourite bloggers or psychologists while minimizing traffic usage.

Free Tube
Google Play

MyMP3 – Convert Videos to MP3 and Best Music Player

The following apps you’re going to see are must-have for podcast enthusiasts. Use MyMP3 to create audio files of your preferred YouTube channels. With a wide range of conversational, informative, and educational content available on YouTube, listening to it can be more convenient than watching. 

Eliminate distractions from moving pictures or the blogger’s presence and solely focus on your favorite shows while going about your day. You can easily share the converted files with your loved ones.

This app lets you play music even when your mobile phone is locked, reducing battery consumption. Alongside its user-friendly interface, MyMP3 grants full control over the settings of the converted MP3 files. Customize the name, artist, upload date, and more. Enhance the audio quality by adjusting the volume before conversion. The app is straightforward, without any unnecessary features.

apple app store

Video Converter to MP3

Transform your mobile device into an amazing video-to-music converter with this app. The conversion process doesn’t require an internet connection; Video Converter to MP3 functions offline. Simply open your gallery and select the video you wish to convert. Add tags to the resulting MP3 file to easily remember its content. 

This app supports not only MP3 conversion but also numerous other formats. It even serves as a compact video and audio editor, allowing you to add sounds, mute sections, and cut videos. Known for its fast conversion speed, Video Converter to MP3 ensures efficient performance.

All converted MP3 files will be stored in your phone’s memory and can be played using any music app. Create playlists featuring your favorite videos and enjoy them in MP3 format. Easily share playlists with friends via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or WhatsApp using the app’s convenient sharing feature.

Video Converter
Google Play

MP3 Converter – Audio Extractor

Converting videos to MP3 format is a breeze with this app, which offers more than twenty audio/video formats to choose from. The advanced mode provides additional tools, enabling you to select the output range and format. Customize the audio bitrate, sample rate, and encoding according to your preferences. This app offers multiple ways to import videos, including iCloud, gallery, camera roll, and Wi-Fi transfer. 

Enhance audio quality by reducing noise. Unexpectedly, this app also offers a unique feature for singing enthusiasts: you can remove the vocals from your favorite songs and use the app as a karaoke tool. Save space on your smartphone by compressing large files, and test your singing abilities with the acapella mode.

Amplify vocals to improve their quality and utilize the bass booster feature for an immersive bass experience while driving. The app does have a drawback in the form of constant ads, which can sometimes be bothersome.

apple app store

Video to Audio MP3 Converter

Experience the easiest way to convert video to MP3 with this app. The conversion process involves a few simple steps. Firstly, import the desired video into the app, either from your gallery or by using the camera. Then, select the conversion format and patiently wait for the process to complete. All the converted files can be found within the app, where you can organize them and create playlists.

One notable advantage of this app is the absence of ads, ensuring a smooth user experience. Its simplistic interface makes it accessible to users of all levels, and the dark theme adds to the pleasant usage experience.

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MP3 Video Converter

Featuring a minimalist design, this app is suitable for all users. Simply choose the video you want to convert, and the process will be completed swiftly. The progress line at the bottom of the screen shows the conversion status, including the time remaining. You can select from six different MP3 codecs and even customize the name, artist, and album for the converted audio file. The app allows you to save files directly to your smartphone’s storage, making them accessible in any music app.

What sets this app apart is its ability to perform specific tasks within seconds. It takes up minimal space on your device and does not require any permissions other than access to the gallery for importing video files. Join over 100 million users who have already converted their desired video files by giving this app a try.

Video to Audio MP3
Google Play

MP3 Converter – Convert Video to MP3

This app stands out from the rest by allowing you to convert multiple video files simultaneously. It supports a wide range of music formats and is particularly useful for users involved in video processing, as extracting audio from videos is often necessary. After conversion, the app also offers the option to trim the audio, saving both time and memory on your smartphone. Additionally, you can quickly increase the volume of a file and eliminate unwanted noise using the equalizer sliders.

With its professional and elegant blue and white design, this app provides a visually pleasing experience. The developers consistently update the app by adding new conversion tools. You can also use the app to organize all your video and audio files on your smartphone, create folders, and sort the converted files. The app’s only minor drawback is its size, but it’s still worth downloading due to its excellent performance.

Convert Video
Google Play

MP4 to MP3 – Convert Video to Audio, Cut Ringtones

Have you ever encountered a captivating song on YouTube but struggled to find it elsewhere? This application solves that issue by enabling you to extract audio clips from YouTube videos and create personalized ringtones. 

By importing the desired video into the app, you can effortlessly select the specific section you wish to convert. In just a matter of seconds, your custom ringtone will be ready. Moreover, you have the option to share these unique ringtones with your friends. The app supports a wide range of audio and video formats, eliminating the need for any prior video preparation before use.

Furthermore, this versatile app can also function as a music management tool, allowing you to modify the titles, artists, albums, and years of audio files. It even offers batch conversion capabilities, enabling simultaneous conversion of up to 15 videos. 

The developers have also incorporated a background operation feature, enabling you to initiate the conversion process and continue utilizing other applications simultaneously. Although the app contains advertisements, it is completely free to use.

MP4 to MP3
Google Play

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