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fake text conversation apps

Looking to elevate your prank game and add a touch of creativity to your jokes? Look no further – this guide has got you covered!

Discover a plethora of fake text conversation apps designed for both Android and iOS platforms. These ingenious apps empower you to craft lifelike dialogues that are perfect for lighthearted pranks with your friends or cleverly navigating tricky situations. With complete customization options, some of these apps even replicate conversations in popular messaging platforms.

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Prepare to explore a curated list of top-tier apps in this genre that are truly worth your time. Don’t miss out – dive in now!

TextingStory Chat Story Maker: Crafting Creative Conversations

TextingStory Chat Story Maker logo

Step into the world of imagination with the “TextingStory Chat Story Maker” app. Designed to entertain and inspire, this innovative tool allows users to fabricate fictitious text message conversations for various purposes. 

One standout feature is the character-switching function, enabling seamless dialogue between multiple personas. Customize profiles to enhance authenticity and utilize the share screen tool for real-time interaction. Capture the essence of your creation through video recording capabilities without the intrusion of watermarks. 

The app streamlines the video creation process, promoting efficient storytelling or pranks. Embark on the journey of crafting lifelike dialogues, capturing screenshots, and recording videos, all without limitations.

TextingStory Chat Story Maker
Google Play
apple app store

Fake Message Free: Convincingly Crafted Conversations

Fake Message Free logo

Introducing “Fake Message Free,” an app that raises the bar for creating convincing fake chat dialogues. Immerse yourself in lifelike conversations with customizable color schemes, backgrounds, and timelines. 

This versatile platform supports SMS and MMS simulations and boasts a built-in screenshot tool and video recording feature for added authenticity. Engage in limitless creativity as you devise authentic-looking interactions, perfect for creative projects or light-hearted pranks. 

With an array of options at your fingertips, “Fake Message Free” invites you to explore the art of crafting authentic dialogue, capturing screenshots, and recording videos to elevate your storytelling or amusement.

Fake Message Free
Google Play

Fake All: Elevate Your Text Pranks

Fake All logo 1

Dive into the realm of playful deception with “Fake All,” the ultimate text pranking app. Unleash your mischievous side as you simulate dialogues, calls, and notifications across popular messengers like FB Messenger and WhatsApp. The app’s authentic UI design and theme customization options add depth to your pranks. 

Seamlessly incorporate media files and emojis for a touch of realism. Adjust settings, create timers, and modify chat themes to craft a convincing and entertaining experience. Whether for light-hearted pranks or engaging storytelling, “Fake All” is your gateway to playful interaction and creative amusement.

Fake All 1
apple app store

Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversations logo

Are you ready to dive into a world of imaginative deception with the “Fake Chat Conversations” app? This unique tool is designed to transform your texting fantasies into reality by simulating convincing WhatsApp messages. What sets it apart is its specialization in simulating WhatsApp conversations, complete with character-switching, SMS, and MMS capabilities. 

And that’s not all – you can even fake voice messages and calls to add an extra layer of authenticity. Customize profiles with images and names, and unleash your creative flair with color schemes, backgrounds, and dark mode. Don’t forget to sprinkle your conversations with emojis and adjust missed call numbers and message timings for that perfect prank. Capture the hilarity by taking screenshots and sharing them with friends!

Fake Chat Conversations
Google Play

Text Message Creator by NeuronDigital

Text Message Creator logo

Ever wanted to be the mastermind behind sidesplitting pranks? Enter the “Text Message Creator” app by NeuronDigital. This app empowers you to craft uproarious fake conversations that are so convincing, your friends won’t know what hit them. 

Elevate your pranks with video, audio, images, and personal photos. With preset conversation topics and intuitive menus, you’ll have a blast creating memorable exchanges. Plus, with a variety of themes at your disposal, the fun never ends. Share the laughter with friends and family and let the humor run wild.

Text Message Creator by NeuronDigital
Google Play

Text Number – Fake Text Message

Text Number Fake Text Message logo

Looking for a practical solution to manage your communication needs? Say hello to the “Text Number” app. Are you tired of mixing personal and professional messages? This app provides a second number, perfect for maintaining a clear boundary. Enjoy automatic spam blocking and use it for website sign-ups or as a regular phone number. 

With coverage in Canada and the United States, it’s a versatile tool, even with limited MMS capabilities. Keep your work-life balance intact by subscribing to this invaluable service and bid farewell to communication chaos.

Text Number Fake Text Message
apple app store

Text Message Creator by Dev ZoneX

Text Message Creator by Dev ZoneX logo

Do you have a knack for creating convincing mock conversations? The “Text Message Creator” app by Dev ZoneX is your canvas for crafting full-fledged interactions between social network or messenger users. 

Dive into its realistic appearance and unleash your playful side with pranks and humorous exchanges. With a user-friendly interface and quick setup, you’ll be on your way to unleashing your creativity in no time. Don’t hesitate to explore the app’s features and let your imagination run wild with fun and lighthearted pranks that will leave everyone in stitches.

Text Message Creator by Dev ZoneX
Google Play

Faker 2 – Fake Messages: Craft Imaginative Conversations

Faker 2 Fake Messages

Introduction: In an era dominated by social networks and messengers, have you ever wondered about the possibilities of creating your own fake chats and conversations? Enter “Faker 2,” a revolutionary app designed to turn your wildest texting scenarios into reality. With the growing popularity of such tools in filmmaking and playful interactions among friends, Faker 2 steps in to meet the demand for crafting convincing fake dialogues.


  1. Simple Steps for Dialogue Creation: Crafting engaging conversations is a breeze with Faker 2’s user-friendly 4-step process. Start by adding a new window, specify interlocutor details, and let the dialogue unfold naturally between two virtual individuals.
  2. Realistic Designs: What sets Faker 2 apart is its knack for creating designs that mirror real online platforms. Perfect for pranks and personal projects, these realistic designs add authenticity to your virtual conversations.
  3. Customizable Message Times: Enhance the authenticity of your fake conversation by setting exact times for each message. This attention to detail makes the dialogue truly believable.
  4. Screenshot Confirmation: Capture your masterpiece by taking screenshots of the fabricated correspondence. These screenshots serve as tangible proof of your artful creation.
  5. Versatile Usage: Explore the playful side of Faker 2 by engaging in interactions with politicians, famous actors, or even crafting conversations with fictional characters. The possibilities are endless.

Step into the world of imaginative deception with Faker 2 – Fake Messages. Unleash your creativity, engage in pranks, jokes, and playful interactions, all at your fingertips. With its versatile features and user-friendly interface, Faker 2 is your ticket to crafting fun and engaging fake conversations that will leave everyone amazed.

Faker 2 %E2%80%93 Fake Messages
apple app store

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iFake: Funny Fake Messages: Add Humor to Everyday Chats

iFake logo

Ever thought about injecting humor into your everyday interactions with friends? Look no further than the “iFake” app, your secret weapon for creating hilarious fake messages that will keep your friends laughing.


  1. Ready-Made Chats: With iFake, you have access to an array of pre-designed fake chats that are sure to shock and entertain your friends. These screenshots of non-existent conversations are perfect for adding a touch of comedy to your social interactions.
  2. Realistic Screenshots: iFake’s ability to generate screenshots that closely resemble popular messengers like iMessage, Telegram, and Twitter ensures that your fake interactions appear completely credible.
  3. Versatility: From iMessage to Telegram, iFake supports various messaging formats, enabling you to create fictitious conversations on any desired topic. The possibilities for playful pranks are endless.
  4. Unlimited Creations: Let your imagination run wild as iFake allows you to create an unlimited number of fake conversations, all stored conveniently in your phone memory.
  5. Humor and Fun: At its core, iFake is all about delivering jokes, laughter, and fun through fake messages that will brighten anyone’s day.

Elevate your social interactions with a touch of humor using iFake: Funny Fake Messages. With its user-friendly features and the ability to create unlimited amusing scenarios, iFake is your go-to app for light-hearted entertainment that will keep the laughter going.

Google Play
apple app store

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank: Unleash Your Prankster Spirit

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank logo

In a world hungry for novelty, pranks and jokes have found a new frontier – messaging apps. Meet the “Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank” app, a creative tool tailored for crafting fake chat conversations that will leave your friends baffled and entertained.


  1. Comprehensive Workshop: Dive into the art of deception with Fake Chat WhatsMock’s workshop, where you can generate fake profiles and conversations that replicate the communication style of popular messengers.
  2. Undetectable Trickery: Surprise your friends with unusual and unexpected situations that are undetectable, thanks to the app’s skillful mimicry of genuine conversations.
  3. Diverse Communication Formats: Engage in a range of conversations, from text messages to voice messages and even video chat parodies, all designed to delight and amuse.
  4. Sticker and GIF Collections: Enhance the realism of your fake conversations with popular sticker and GIF collections that add a layer of authenticity to your playful pranks.
  5. User-Friendly Experience: Explore the app’s main settings, including the option to choose a dark theme for comfortable usage that aligns with your prankster spirit.

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank is more than just an app – it’s an innovative playground for pranks and laughter. Dive into its creative features and plan the perfect prank, all without spending a dime. Unleash your imagination and craft amusing interactions that will keep your friends guessing.

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank
Google Play

MeMi Message SMS & Fake Chat: Dive into Role-Playing Adventures

MeMi Message SMS logo

Are you a role-playing enthusiast or someone looking to infuse excitement into social gatherings? Allow us to introduce the “MeMi Message SMS & Fake Chat” app, a platform that lets you engage in immersive role-playing conversations and create memorable fake chats.


  1. Role-Playing Adventures: Immerse yourself in captivating role-playing scenarios with MeMi Message SMS. Unleash your creativity and turn mundane interactions into exciting and imaginative conversations.
  2. Private Chats: Create private chats that enable intriguing interactions with your loved ones, making every conversation a unique and entertaining experience.
  3. Screenshot-Worthy Evidence: Capture and share screenshots of your fake correspondence to provide tangible proof of your role-playing narratives and keep the memories alive.
  4. Conversation Management: Take charge of your role-playing narratives by merging, deleting, and saving conversations, giving you complete control over your interactions.
  5. Versatile Usage: From planned pranks to genuine creative endeavors, MeMi Message SMS & Fake Chat adapts to your needs, offering endless possibilities for immersive experiences.

MeMi Message SMS & Fake Chat isn’t just an app – it’s your gateway to immersive role-playing adventures and memorable interactions. Unleash your creativity, engage in pranks, and create conversations that will leave a lasting impression. Dive into the app’s features and embrace the excitement of role-playing in every chat.

MeMi Message SMS Fake Chat
Google Play
apple app store

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