How to Enable Voice Chat in Among Us on Android & iOS


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Among Us

Among Us took the gaming world by storm in 2020, gaining immense popularity years after its initial release. Whether you’re an innocent crew member or a cunning impostor, the game revolves around uncovering the traitor among your team while repairing your spaceship’s communications. While the game itself doesn’t offer built-in voice chat functionality, we’ve got you covered with various methods to communicate effectively with other players.

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Method 1: Real-Life Conversation

Gather your friends who play Among Us on any device, be it computers or smartphones, and engage in real-life conversations in the same room. Remember to follow the rules and limit discussions to the allocated time. This simple yet effective approach allows for convenience and enables communication with all participants simultaneously, giving you an advantage in identifying the impostor.

Real Life Conversation

Method 2: Discord Voice Chat

Discord is a dedicated communication platform designed for gamers to connect with friends and colleagues during gaming sessions. Create a dedicated channel and room for Among Us on Discord, and invite all participating players to join. This way, you can communicate seamlessly even if you’re in different cities or countries. Remember to mute or manually turn off the microphone during rounds to avoid breaking the game rules.

Discord Voice Chat

Method 3: Discord Bot Integration

Similar to the second method, gather all players in one voice chat on Discord. However, this time, utilize a special bot that automates the communication process while ensuring compliance with the game rules. The bot will manage microphone and headphone control, enabling participants to communicate during discussions and voting rounds while keeping the deceased players isolated from the living ones. This way, you can discuss gameplay actions or voice grievances about unfair deaths after your departure.

Bot Integration

Method 4: Third-Party Voice Chat Conferencing

You are not limited to specific platforms for voice chat. Feel free to use popular applications like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or any other convenient communication tool. Keep in mind that these applications are not specifically designed for gaming, so occasional issues like accidental disconnections, microphone malfunctions, or increased RAM usage (especially on smartphones) may arise.

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Remember, effective communication is crucial in Among Us to justify yourself, express suspicions, and engage with the entire team without distractions. Utilizing voice chat enhances the overall gameplay experience. Additionally, with the assistance of bots, conversation management becomes even more streamlined. We hope these methods help you find the best solution to enable enjoyable and immersive Among Us sessions.

Third Party Voice

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