Top 13 Fake Number Apps for Android & iOS in 2023


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In certain situations, having a new phone number becomes necessary, whether it’s for website sign-ups, online purchases, or safeguarding personal information. If getting a new phone number is not desirable, the solution lies in downloading specialized apps that can generate entirely new numbers for various purposes. Here, we present a compilation of the best fake number apps of 2023, designed to protect against spam and safeguard personal data. Give them a try, and you’ll be able to generate numerous numbers as needed.

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Hushed – Secure Second Phone Number for Calls and Texts

Protect your real phone number from spam and ads by getting a second number with Hushed. The app offers anonymous and private calls, with numbers available from 60 countries. It’s perfect for business or online shopping, and you can easily dispose of numbers when they’re no longer needed. With over 1 million downloads, it’s a top choice for safeguarding your privacy.

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Burner – Create Temporary Second Phone Numbers

Avoid spam and secure your number with Burner’s smart app. You can send, photos, messages, videos, and make calls, just like with a real number. It’s great for online dating, online shopping, and more, allowing you to create different numbers at once. Take control of your information by blocking, muting, or editing contacts. Burner has got you covered with temporary numbers.

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Phone 2nd Phone Number – Texting & Calling App

Ensure smartphone privacy with this app, enabling calls and messages for business or personal use. Managing contacts from different numbers becomes easy, with options to create folders for better organization. Safely register on any website without worrying about spam or data leakage. This user-friendly app has already garnered more than 1 million users.

Phone 2nd Phone Number
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Telos Free Phone Number & Unlimited Calls and Text

Obtain a new phone number from any region without needing new SIM cards. Telos offers unlimited calls and messages, ideal for staying connected with family while traveling. With real phone numbers, you can receive calls and messages and even set up voicemail. Block unwanted calls and spam while maintaining your privacy. Over 1 million users trust Telos for their communication needs.

Telos Free Phone Number
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Numero eSIM: Second Phone Number & Virtual SIM

Get additional phone numbers for business or personal purposes without purchasing a new SIM card. Numero eSIM provides virtual numbers that work just like real ones, allowing you to send messages, photos, videos, and make international calls at lower costs. You can also use hidden numbers for anonymous calls or protect yourself from scammers by giving out fake numbers.

Numero eSIM
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Fake Call Number

Have fun pranking your friends with Fake Call Number. Choose a friend’s phone number, select an audio record, and the application will initiate a call from a false number. The entire call can be recorded for sharing with friends and adding to the fun. This free app is regularly updated with new pranks and bug fixes.

Fake Call Number
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Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Temp Number allows you to make free calls from a fake number, keeping your personal information safe. The app offers virtual numbers from over 9 countries, providing all the features of a genuine number, including messaging, photos, videos, and calls. Register on any website or shop online without compromising your privacy. Messages are stored for about 7 days, and numbers work for a month, making it convenient to manage your temporary numbers.

Temp Number
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Freephone calls, free texting SMS on free number

This app enables you to create dublicate phone numbers for unlimited calls. With options for 2 lines during calls, the app supports calling any device from over 200 countries. Enjoy cheap international calls with crystal-clear sound quality over the internet. The premium version offers additional features like walkie-talkie mode and group conferences. Join the community of 10 million users and expand the capabilities of your SIM card.

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Sideline – 2nd Line for Work Calls

Sideline provides a second number to maintain a professional image for businesses and professionals. Calls and messages are routed through the app, displaying the fake number to recipients. It offers call forwarding, professional greetings, and voicemail transcription for efficient customer interactions. The app allows multiple virtual numbers, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Google Play

PingMe – Second Phone Number Call & Text

Grow your international connections with PingMe. Use multiple accounts on social networks, run your business, and manage different purposes with additional phone numbers. The app’s cloud storage keeps track of all your virtual numbers, and you can enjoy unlimited messages and videos. Pass verifications on social networks without revealing your real number, and make cheaper international calls while protecting your privacy.

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Designed for businesses and professionals, Grasshopper offers a centralized platform to streamline communication and maintain a professional image. voicemail transcription, Call forwarding, and professional greetings enhance customer interactions, and users can create multiple virtual numbers for various business needs. Grasshopper is ideal for businesses seeking efficient communication strategies.

Grasshopper app
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apple app store – Mobile Office – Mobile Office empowers companies with all-inclusive suite of features to optimize communication and manage virtual numbers. With multiple fake virtual phone numbers, businesses can cater to various marketing campaigns or departments. The app offers call routing, voicemail transcription, and an extensive range of vanity numbers and area codes to align with brand identity.
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2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts & Calls

Add a second phone number without a new SIM card using 2nd Line. This app lets you send unlimited messages and make calls using an internet connection. Block spam calls, and choose between temporary or more durable virtual numbers. The app offers a premium version with additional features, making it a flexible option for multiple phone numbers.

Explore these fake number apps to protect your privacy, avoid spam, and have the freedom to generate temporary phone numbers for various purposes.

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