How to Rotate Videos on iPhone 6 Series


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Rotate Videos on iPhone

So, you’ve captured some incredible high-resolution videos using your trusty iPhone. But there’s a problem: when you hit “Play,” the beauty unfolds upside down. Don’t worry! We’re here to assist you in resolving this issue and prevent your videos from appearing topsy-turvy on platforms like Facebook. Fortunately, it’s not a hardware problem; you can easily rotate your videos using Apple software. With the feature of “Rotate Videos on iPhone,” you can effortlessly adjust the orientation and ensure your videos are displayed correctly.

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1. iMovie, a pre-installed app on iPhone 6, comes to the rescue.

    2. Locate the “Share” button, which looks like a tank with an arrow pointing north.

    iMovie Share button

    3. Select “Create movie” from the available options. No need to create a new movie; we’re just using this feature to rotate the existing one.

    Create Movie 1

    4. Using two fingers spaced about an inch apart, rotate the video until it aligns the way you desire.


    5. Once you’ve positioned the video correctly, tap the “Done” button.


    6. Now, press the “Share” button once more (the tank icon).

    iMovie Share-button

    7. Proceed to tap the “Save” button and choose a destination for your video. You can also adjust the resolution to save memory space if needed.


    8. When the saving process is complete, iMovie will confirm that the video is now in the Photos Gallery. Rest assured, it’s still a video. Your rotated video has been saved as a separate movie file. However, note that iMovie may not function properly or be free on certain iPhone models.


    If you prefer alternative apps, here are a few suggestions:

    • Video Rotate Free: A free tool specifically for rotating videos.
    • Rotate Video & Flip: Similar to the previous app, this tool focuses on rotating and flipping videos.
    Rotate and Flip

    For Mac users, it’s advisable to first watch the video on your computer and check if any adjustments are necessary. Here’s how you can accomplish this using iMovie:

    App Store

    a) Open iMovie on your Mac and import the sideways video. b) Click the “Crop” menu, where you’ll find rotation buttons above the crop window. Each click will rotate the video by 90 degrees. c) After rotating the video to your satisfaction, click the “Share” menu, followed by “Export using QuickTime.”

    If you’re a Windows PC user, you may have already discovered that PC software doesn’t handle iPhone videos well, particularly Windows Movie Maker. In such cases, we recommend using Wondershare Filmora, a powerful editing tool that allows for various modifications like trimming videos, adding background music, and applying video effects.

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    PC Software

    Here’s how you can use Wondershare Filmora to rotate your iPhone videos on a PC:

    Pc Software

    a) Import your iPhone videos into Wondershare Filmora. The software will automatically detect and load your connected iPhone. 

    b) Double-click the video to open the video editing window, where you’ll find two rotation buttons. Simply rotate the video and click “OK.” 

    c) If desired, you can edit your video further at this stage. d) Save the edited iPhone video by clicking “Export.” This will create a new video file that you can easily share on Facebook and other platforms.

    If none of these apps prove helpful, unfortunately, you may have to resort to tilting your head sideways while watching the video.

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