How to Block iOS Apps At Certain Times?


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Block iOS Apps At Certain Times

There are approximately 3.59 million apps and 984,000 games available on the Apple App Store. Games make up approximately 21.8% of the total number of apps available, according to an apps data report published by Business of Apps. The second and third most popular categories are business and education, respectively. The vast majority of apps (92.3%) are free to download and use.

These statistics underscore the vastness and diversity of the App Store, which offers something for everyone. With such a wide variety of apps and games to choose from, users are sure to find what they’re looking for – whether it’s a new game to play, a productivity tool for work, or something else entirely.

There are times, however, when you need a break from apps that keep you from living your purposeful life. In this case, it might be time for a digital detox. This can involve anything from unplugging from technology for a set period of time each day to blocking iOS apps during certain times. In this article, we are going to explain how you can block iOS apps during certain times of the day.

There are a few simple things you can do to help reduce your screen time and take control of your device usage. You won’t need to use any third-party apps; all you need is already on your iOS device.

Screen Time Settings

The key to solving your device usage problems is the Screen Time tool in your Settings. This simple but effective tool will help you manage your device usage and set limits if needed. 

iPhone setting

Simply go to the setting and look for Screen Time. Turn this on, and you are done. Select if the device is owned by you or your kids. It may also require you to enter your Apple ID and parole. Providing this information is safe and won’t cause any issues.

Screen time option

After the tool is activated, you will see a detailed report providing complete information about your screen time usage. The data include both websites and apps, and you will also see the most-used apps. It’s recommended that you look into the report carefully before setting any restrictions. 

After reviewing the report thoroughly, hit App Limits. It will allow you to select any app you want to limit. 

Screen Time apps

Luckily, all the apps you will see there are classified by categories, so you can easily limit one app category at a time. However, you can also choose individual apps if needed.

Screen Time

Then, you will need to determine the daily usage limit. You can choose between one minute and all day, depending on your preferences. When any app reaches its usage limit, it will be shut down automatically and will be active again after its limit ends.

Screen Social Time

There is always the option of going back to the settings and disabling all your restrictions. 

Screen Time Passcode

Once you’re done with App Limits, be sure to return to the Screen Time page. Scroll down the page and choose a custom passcode so the limitations can’t be disabled.

You can ask for one more minute with the app, but you’ll need to enter a passcode to access other settings. Try to pick something different from the passcode you use to unlock your device.

Screen time password

Focus Mode

Focus Mode is another way to block apps on your iPhone or iPad. For this, simply go to Settings and look for the Focus Mode section.

Focus Mode

Upon exploring the Focus Mode option, you will get to know that it has different preset scenarios for working, sleeping, and more. Moreover, you always have the option to go for a customer scenario.

This feature allows you to disable app notifications, restrict calls, SMS, and more. You can also switch to a Dark screen if needed. You can either set a schedule for all the scenarios or enable them manually from the notification bar.

Problems with iPhone Settings

Are the Apple restrictions perfect? Of course not; there are some flaws. But overall, these settings can help limit access to specific content and apps on your device. 

The passcode is used to prevent children from deactivating the parental controls without their parents’ knowledge. These controls were originally designed to protect children from viewing inappropriate content and spending too much time playing video games.

What’s the problem here? Well, there is no guarantee that the person who set the passcode will not remove the limits. 


If you find the above-mentioned techniques useful, no fuss; we have got you covered. We have handpicked some of the best apps you can use to block some annoying apps at certain hours of the day. Let’s go through them:


Freedom Logo

Basically, the app is promoted as a productivity app allowing you to block sites and apps that keep you distracted. Modeled on the concept of blocklists, the app allows you to create endless lists so you can easily create one suitable for all occasions. Just create a list, give it a name and select all the sites and apps you would like to limit.

This app offers restriction support for a number of popular websites, but if you find something missing, there’s always an option to add a custom URL. You can also use pre-made lists if necessary. Next, just specify the time of restriction, and you’re done.

Custom Block

If you can resist staying away from disabling restrictions, there is a Lock Mode you can use. Using this option, the restriction cannot be lifted before the specified time.

Freedom Schedule

apple app store


Flipd Logo

Similar to Focus Mode, this focusing app may serve your purpose. In addition to keeping you restricted from certain apps, this app can help you in different ways, from working tasks to the exam. It is all about increasing your productivity so you can easily stay focused. 

Stay focused with a pomodoro

Users can specify a timer of their choice, from a few minutes to a couple of hours. The app also has the option of timers with breaks in between. Activating the timer will prevent you from receiving app notifications. You can view your progress and share it on social media.

Track your progress

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