How Do I Clear Cache on My Android Phone?


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Clear Cache on My Android Phone

There are many reasons to clear your cache. The most common reason is that you’re experiencing slow performance due to a high amount of cached data. Other times, you’ll want to clear the cache because you have a virus or malware on your device that is preventing it from running properly. Here are a couple of reasons why you should clear your cache:

You’re experiencing slow performance

slow performance

Clearing the cache can help with this problem by removing all of the cached data from your phone’s memory, which will make it run more smoothly. If your phone is running slowly, clearing its cache might resolve the issue.

Do you have a virus or malware on your device

Clearing the cache of an infected device often fixes problems caused by malware and viruses that are affecting its performance and functionality. This can also help prevent future problems.

What is the Purpose of Cache in a Smartphone? 

Cache in a Smartphone

The cache of a smartphone is the internal memory that has been set aside to store the contents of cached files. When the cache is full, it cannot be written to or read from.

The cache is used to store frequently used information such as images, web pages, and applications that have been downloaded from the internet. This way, when you open up an application or visit a website, the data will be available faster than if it had to be loaded from the main memory.

The amount of data that can be stored in your phone’s cache depends on how much memory you have installed in your device and how much space you allocate for it on your phone’s internal storage.

Clearing Cache for a Specific App

Clearing Cache

One can get rid of cache in different ways. Let’s find out how you can do it:

  • Go to the Setting on your phone
  • In the Settings, keep scrolling until you find the app tab; you can refer to the images provided for better clarity.
  • Choose an app you want to clear the cache; we’ll use Calcy IV to make it easy for you to understand.
  • After you hit the app, a new window will appear, giving the information about the app. Hit the Storage tab.
  • Now, you can easily see how much memory that particular app is consuming. Tap on the icon situated in the lower right to remove the cache, and it’s done.

Please note that you should not hit ”Clear Data”, as this will result in the loss of all of the app’s data, and will cause the app to appear as if it had been recently downloaded. 

The cache could be cleared from all apps at once in older versions of Android. This can now be accomplished by downloading dedicated apps.

How to Clear the Cache on the Android Browser?

The cache does not accumulate only on mobile phones, it also affects web browsers. The procedure for getting rid of it is usually the same for all browsers. We will let you know how you can clear cache on any browser. Keep the following instructions:

  • Go to your browser and hit Settings. It is usually located in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Choose Privacy and Security section. (Some browsers allow cache clearing in browsing history).
  • Hit the delete cache button. Congrats, you’ve done it. 

Cache Cleaning Applications

You can make your work easier by clearing your cache. Download a cache cleaner app and it will automatically delete the cache from your mobile phone. However, sometimes these apps don’t work correctly, so it’s your choice whether or not to download one.

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