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Thermometer apps

Ever thought about using your iPhone as a thermometer? It’s pretty cool! Let’s dive into some of the best thermometer apps for iOS. Remember, while these apps have their perks, they do have limitations, so keep that in mind.


This nifty app measures your body temperature using your iPhone’s camera. Yep, just put your finger on the camera lens, and voila! It calculates your temperature. It even syncs up with the Health app and lets you set temperature ranges for different times of the day. But hold on, it’s not a full-on replacement for a traditional thermometer, so don’t use it for serious medical stuff.

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Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

If you’ve got the Vicks® SmartTemp Thermometer, this app is your buddy. It’s super handy for quick and accurate temperature measurements. Plus, it’s like your personal symptom diary – jot down how you’re feeling and get tips on what to do. 

You can set up profiles for everyone in the family, complete with names, ages, and even pics if you’re into that. After measuring, you’ll see a timeline of your results and get advice on what actions to take. 

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They’ve teamed up with folks like the American Academy of Pediatrics and Boston Children’s Hospital to provide top-notch advice.

Thermometer by Alexandre Morcos

Alright, picture this – you’ve got an app that’s like having your own pocket thermometer. It measures the temperature around you, no matter where you are. And guess what? If you want pinpoint accuracy, just switch on the geolocation feature. Boom! Real-time temperature reading from your exact spot. The best part? You don’t even have to open the app all the time to see the temperature. It’s right there on your home screen. 

Oh, and no worries about being offline – this app’s got your back. It even gives you this cool red line that shrinks and grows as the temperature changes. Plus, it’s like a mini weather station, showing wind and all that jazz. And hey, you can check out temps in other cities too. Just type in the name and voilà!

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Simple name, straightforward job – it’s a thermometer app. It tells you the current temperature with precision, thanks to a bunch of weather sources working together. Wanna know the temp right now? It’s got your back. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and there’s even a bunch of languages to pick from. Now, if you’re not a fan of ads and wanna speed up your results, there’s a paid version up for grabs. Fire it up, and it’ll ask you to switch on GPS and internet – they need that to figure out where you are and grab the latest weather scoop. 

Tap anywhere on the screen to get to the menu, and from there, you can switch up the design and unit of measurement. Solid app, really zippy, won’t hog your battery, and those graphic screens? They’re pretty nifty. Toss in some bucks to ditch the ads.

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My AcuRite

Get ready for a weather app that’s like your personal meteorologist. When you fire it up for the first time, you gotta do a quick sign-up dance. Punch in your preferences like Fahrenheit or Celsius, where you live, and some other deets. And then, ta-da, your dashboard opens up with tabs like Dashboard, Charts, Alerts, and Settings. 

Now, this app doesn’t hold back – it throws loads of info your way. Cloudiness, rain chances, wind speed, even how intense those thunderstorms might get. And hey, wanna know when the sun’s saying hi or bye? Yup, it’s got sunrise and sunset times too. Oh, and if something super important comes up, you’ll find it in the Alerts tab. Wanna geek out with graphs? The Charts tab’s got you covered.

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Digital Thermometer app

Imagine having a virtual thermometer on your phone. This app hooks you up with all the temperature info you need for your surroundings. Just log in, set up the thermometer, and boom – you’re in the know about the weather right where you are. The app’s got this stylish and sleek design, making it a piece of cake to get all the temp details in just a few taps. You’ve got choices too – pick the thermometer style that tickles your fancy and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Plus, don’t stop at your own spot – you can peek at temps in other cities too. Need to know the room’s temp? Yep, this app’s got that covered too.

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Real Thermometer

Now, this one’s a heavyweight in the thermometer world. It’s all about precision and power. It taps into your phone’s infrared sensor to grab data like a champ. And guess what? You can use it to measure body or object temperatures without shelling out a penny. Just aim it about 3 to 5cm away from what you’re checking. Oh, and the cool part? You can store all your temperature readings. Who knows, that might come in handy someday. Plus, sync it up and switch devices – easy-peasy.

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This app’s a hit on iOS devices for a reason. It’s like a temperature wizard, giving you accuracy down to a tenth of a degree. Whether you’re a Celsius or Fahrenheit fan, it’s got you covered. It’s got this secret sauce algorithm that pulls data from various weather sources, and yep, you’ll need an internet connection for that. And talk about eye candy – tons of snazzy graphics to make checking the temp a treat.

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Finger Body Temperature

Time for some fun! This app’s a bit different – it’s like a playful prankster. It pretends to be a body temperature thermometer, but here’s the twist – you can totally fake the temp and give your pals a good laugh. It’s easy-peasy to use and kinda goofy, but hey, it’s all in good fun.

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Always on the move? iCelsius is your weather partner. It’s got this sleek interface with all the deets you need, and those handy notifications? They’re here to save you from getting caught in the rain without an umbrella.

Remember, while these apps are cool, your iPhone’s not exactly a scientific instrument. It’s great for measuring air temps, and yeah, you can sorta measure body temps too, but accuracy’s not its superpower. So, keep these apps in mind for when you’re curious about the temp, but if you need precise medical info, stick with the trusty ol’ thermometers. Now that you’ve got the lowdown on these apps, finding the perfect one’s a breeze!

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