How to Access Calculator History on iPhone


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Calculator History on iPhone

Are you an avid user of the calculator on your iPhone and wondering how to access its history? We’ve got you covered. Discover a simple method to view the calculator history on your iPhone by following the steps below.

1. Locate the calculator icon in your device’s main menu.

calculator icon

2. Press and hold the icon for a few seconds.

3. A pop-up with the option “See the last result” will appear.

last result

4. Tap on it to reveal the app’s last calculated result.

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It’s important to note that this method only allows you to view the most recent calculation and not the complete history on your iPhone’s default calculator app. However, you can explore other calculator apps available on the App Store, which offer the functionality to access the full history of calculations. Here are a couple of recommended options:

Calculator with History +

This lightweight and multifunctional calculator app includes an algebraic calculator and provides a complete history of calculations. Not only the results are saved, but also all the components involved. Plus, the app is ad-free.

No Ads

App Store

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Calculator with History Tape

Similar to the previous app, this alternative offers more settings and features. It records all calculations within the app, displaying them as a scrollable feed. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any advertisements.

Keep in mind that these apps offer a more comprehensive history feature, but they might have specific customization options that may not suit everyone’s preferences. Feel free to explore other calculator apps available in the market or check out our article for further recommendations.

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