Easy Steps to Customize Purple App Icons on Your Android Device


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Purple App Icons

Android is a highly popular operating system known for its extensive customization options. Among these options, you can personalize your icons and themes to suit your preferences. If you’re interested in giving your icons a purple makeover, follow this straightforward guide to customize them in just a few minutes. Best of all, the methods described below are completely free.

  1. Galaxy Themes
  2. Viral Icon Pack

Galaxy Themes:

If you own a Samsung device, this method is ideal, as it doesn’t require any additional downloads. Follow these steps carefully to change the color of your icons:

1. Access your phone’s settings and type “themes” in the search bar. Press “enter” and allow a few seconds for the results to appear.

Galaxy Theme


2. Once the search is complete, you’ll find a single option named “Themes.” Tap on it to open Galaxy Themes.

Now, within the Themes section, locate the “icons” button at the bottom of your screen.

A wide array of icon packs will be available for you to explore. To find free packs, navigate to the relevant category. Take your time to review and evaluate each icon pack before downloading.

Utilize the search function to expedite your search. You can search by style or color, which will provide more relevant recommendations.

Once you’ve found your desired pack, tap on “download.” The process typically takes around 10 seconds. Finally, apply the changes and witness the fresh new look of your icons!

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Viral Icon Pack:

Viral Icon Pack

This method involves using the Viral Icon Pack, an application offering an extensive collection of free icons. To begin, search for “Viral Icon Pack” on Google Play (for Samsung devices) or AppGallery (for Huawei and Honor devices).

Open the app, which presents you with a comprehensive menu. Tap on the “icons” button. Here, you’ll find a vast selection of icons, including purple ones. To get a closer look at an icon, simply tap on it.

Viral-Icon Pack image
Viral Icon Pack icon

Once you’ve chosen your desired icon, tap on the “apply” button and patiently wait for the changes to take effect. Close the app and examine the result! However, if you encounter difficulty finding a specific icon, you can submit an icon request. To do so, scroll down within the app.


You’ll find a list of installed apps on your phone. Select the app that requires an icon and proceed with the request. Two options are available for obtaining your icon: Premium Request, which involves a fee but ensures faster processing, or Regular Icon Request, which allows for ten free requests but may take longer due to various factors.

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