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How to Know My Future is an application designed to enhance self-awareness and personal understanding.

This app offers a wide range of captivating functionalities. It enables users to gain insights into their destiny, similar to palm reading. Moreover, it provides daily doses of inspiration and motivational quotes that encompass various aspects of life.


Horoscope Insights

This app offers a plethora of fascinating features to explore. It provides daily horoscope readings, delivering detailed insights into upcoming events and aiding decision-making. Additionally, users can access personalized horoscopes based on their chakras, offering a unique astrological perspective.

Furthermore, the app includes a dedicated love horoscope section. This feature presents special messages aimed at assisting users in discovering new romantic connections.

Discovering one’s personal gem is another intriguing aspect of this application. By selecting the appropriate gemstone, users can enhance their chances of achieving success. Additionally, the app offers a fortune teller feature capable of predicting future outcomes. Users can explore their tarot cards and even delve into the realm of runes.

For enthusiasts of Feng Shui & Vastu, the app provides valuable tips for arranging furniture effectively and beneficially in both residential and office spaces.

Numerology Insights

The numerology feature in this app utilizes various parameters, including your birthday and name, to provide insightful analysis. Users can receive a comprehensive assessment of their name, offering guidance on how to enhance their destiny.

Drawing from these parameters, the app predicts significant moments in your life that are not to be overlooked. Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool for individuals striving to attain new career accomplishments.

NumerologyNumerology Insights

App Design

The app features a soothing color scheme, creating a serene ambiance throughout the user interface. All sections of the application are conveniently placed on the home screen, ensuring easy navigation and eliminating any confusion when searching for desired information.

User Interface Overview

The primary screen of the app is dedicated to Knowledge, with sections thoughtfully categorized. The Astrological tests category encompasses palmistry, horoscope, tarot cards, runes, compatibility, and vastu. Scientific tests cover personality, nature, my forces, and gemstones.

Under Daily luck, users can access the magic ball, horoscope, and fortune cookies. The Numerology and graphology category includes sections on handwriting, signature, and numerology. Lastly, the Third Party reading category offers sections on kundali and nakshatra.

By clicking the button at the top, users can open the second window titled “Your Daily.” This section provides access to today’s horoscope, rune, card, vastu tip, tarot, fortune, and birthday. The third window contains news and directs users to the application’s website.

Every section within the How To Know My Future app is filled with invaluable insights to enrich your life. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your knowledge on a daily basis by downloading this complimentary application.


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